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I like the bot a lot, it's clean and very easy to use!

Very cool bot! The bot has very cool commands and a LEVELING SYSTEM!! Active developers working on the bot to add more fun commands. Highly suggest adding the bot to your server.

Its amazing bot when you are bored.I recommend him.

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Command List

Economy (25)


Check your or another user balance


💎 Commit a (fake) crime for some extra money


Beg money from rich people


Dig and find some coins


💎 Catch a fish


Give coins to someone


Hunt some animals and earn coins


Work for some extra coins


Attempt to steal from another user wallet


💎 Cook a dish and get money


Display the server leaderboard

Claim Hourly

💎 Claim your hourly reward

Claim Daily

Claim your daily reward

Claim Weekly

Claim your weekly reward

Claim Monthly

💎 Claim your monthly reward

Deposit Amount

Deposit your coins to the bank

Deposit All

Deposit all your coins into bank

Withdraw Amount

Withdraw coins from your bank

Withdraw All

Withdraw all your coins from your bank

Item Shop

Check out the item shop

Item Buy

Buy an item from the shop

Item Info

View information about an item

Item Inventory

View your item inventory

Item Use

Use an item in your inventory

Item Sell

Sell an item you don't need anymore

Leveling (1)


View your or another user rank and level

Fun (5)


Ask the magical 8ball a question and receive answer


💎 Spin the slot machine


Flip a coin for a free coins bonus


Sends a random meme


Play rock, paper, scissors with another user

Information (2)

User Info

View your or another user information

User Avatar

View your or another user avatar

Miscellaneous (10)


Read the latest important message from the owner


View full command list of Robly

Bot Info

Get information about Robly

Bot Invite

Get a link to invite me to your server

Bot Support

Get a link to Robly's Support Server

Bot Vote

Vote for Robly on top.gg


Submit a bug report to the developers

Premium Activate

Activate your premium subscription

Premium Info

View detailed information about premium tiers

Server Settings

View the settings of your server

Administrator (16)


Create a poll

Shop-Item Create

Create a shop item

Shop-Item Delete

Delete item from the shop

Leveling Channel

Select a channel where you will receive leveling messages

Leveling Enable

Enable or disable leveling module

Leveling Message

Set custom level UP message

Leveling Message Preview

See how your leveling message looks like

Settings Color

Set your own embed color

Settings Disable-Rob

Disable a rob command on your server

Settings Custom-Currency

Set your own currency on your server

Settings Custom-Cooldown

💎 Set custom cooldown for specific commands

Money Add

Add money to wallet of user

Money Remove

Remove money from user's wallet

Money Set

Change the wallet balance of user to a specific amount

Audit Log

Enable or disable your economy audit log

Audit Channel

Set up the channel where your economy audit log goes